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Keywords Notes, School Song, Carmen
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Description The School Song Carmen Youths who throng The school, or older, Your tasks completed, depart or visit its doors Raise a resounding song, Putting your hearts into your voices, Or you who are come as guests, Sisters and parents This united praise by us, Is meet to be paid to God, To whom the thanks of the college Above all else are due Not only for labours, ]Through the days' strenuous tasks, In the practice of literature Or in natural science Nor merely on account of the contest Which, in parti-coloured garments, We engage in on the fields, not without Brown ornament of mud; Or when along the turf is driven The swiftly hurled ball, Next moment, hard though it be, is caught By an adroitly stretched-out hand; But chiefly because by They cares, O God our Protector, We keep our lives without offence By these things and unstained by guilt. Free from false things, we pray, And vain things, may all be Who shall wear the red and black Under African skies. (A translation given by the author, F S Salisbury to R C Hepburn) CARMEN Qui frequentatis invenes Scholam, vel seniores Pensis peractis ceditis Revisitisve fores, Carmen sonorem tollite, Cor vocibus addentes, Vel qui venistis hospites, Sorones et parentes. Haec nobis collaudatio Deo nunc tribuenda, Cui gratia collegii In primis est habenda: Non solum pro laboribus Per ardua dierum In exercendis litteris Vel de natura rerum: Nec tantum ob certamina Veste quae discolore Miscemus pratis, non sine Fusco ceani decore; Aut cum per gramen pellitur Pila cito coniecta, Deinde dura capitur Scite manu porrecta; Sed maxime quod per tuas, Deus patrone, curas Vitas servamus integras Hinc scelerisque puras. Falsis, precamur, liberi Sint omnes atque vanis, Rubrum nigrumque qui gerent Caelis sub africanis.
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Media_id 1205_428
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