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Kingswood College School House 1959
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Title Kingswood College School House 1959
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Subcollections Kingswood College Framed Prints
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Description Kingswood College School House 1959 Chubb House Back Row: Hayward, B. de V., Taurog, R. D., Kotze, L. J, Evans, F. R., Fincham, W., Read, J. O., Green, R. H., Francis, P. A., Bax, N. G., Will, A. A., Crabtree, C. H. 2ND Row: Kellner, O. B., Thomson, D. M., Packer, O. R., Gribbin, B. M., Stewart, V. T., Waller, J. L. J., Van Sehaikwyk, M. Newcombe, D. E., Meinesz, W. 3rd. Row: Hayward, V. C., Deas, M. J. W, Turner, N. H., Kirstein, J. D., Kemp, G. B., Israelsohn, J. W., Inngs, G. J. C., Wilson, J. J., Stegmann, M. R, Stevens, D. S. 4th.Row: Ansley, T. H. P., Trengrove Jones, P. Slabbert, H. A., Pease, D. H., Barber, M. J., Cotterrell, M. C., Breedveld, P.; Robertson, H. L. 5th. Row: Minnaar, W. R., Robertson, R. B., Jobson, N. B., Meinesz, M. M, Brigham, B. E. G., Dunstan, D. B., Diack, L. E, Mrs. I. Carpendale,; Mr. A. F. G. Cotton. In Front: Cooper, C. K. N., Floweday, D., Greeff, W. H., Plessner, R., Letcher, N. D, Pohl, D. L. B, Child. R. B.; Wepener, E. Gane House Back Row: Knott, P. G., Whitehead, E. C., Bell, D. G., Heller, P. M., Dawe, J. C., Miller, I. B., Wilkie, C. A., Thom, R. H., Webber, K. K. 2nd Row: Smiedt, S. H., Wilmot, D. M., Handley, D. F., Smuts, J. B., Deubler, S. F., Bennett, B. G., Hicks, J. C., Barnes, C. J., Witte, G. M., Webber, R, O. 3rd Row : Giddy, M. A., Baumann, P. J. E., Giddy, R. L., Haliigey, R. P., Massel, R., Mason, I. M., McFarlane, D. J., Behrmann, L., Van Rensburg. H. M., Schoo, E., Smith, C. L. 4TH Row: McIntosh, J. M., Bush, M. J., Wesson, B. N., Campbell, D. J., Booth, S.R., Wepener. F. J., Smith, P. B., Smith. R. R. E., Maasdorp, G. C. 5th Row: Mr. D. R. Butler,Mrs Butler, Bles, B. J. R., Bertshinger, H. J., Tucker, H. S. K., Diskin, M., McFarlane, B., McDonald, M. C. E., Fold, D. W. In FRONT : Langton. B, A., Drummond, D. T., Smuts, A. J., Conitzer, M. L., Heal, B., Shacklock. W. A., Stocks, R. R., McDonald, K. L., Winterbottom, H. C., Dick, L. N.
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Keywords school house, 1959, group photo, Gane house, Chubb house
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Media_id 1204_175
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